Obsługa Auta z Inspekcją Serwisową

Kasowanie Inspekcji - Kasowanie inspekcji serwisowej polega na aktualizacji oprogramowania silnika do następnej zalecanej wizyty w serwisie.

Mazda 6 Schedule Maintenance Due Light Reset – How To

Quick vid showing a step by step guide on how to reset the service warning light in a Mazda 6 2015 2016 model.

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33 thoughts on “Mazda 6 Schedule Maintenance Due Light Reset – How To

  1. Can you please advice or show me how to reset low oil pressure light ( red light) on 2014 Mazda 6 2.2 diesel.. Mazda dealer told me that once the oil has changed you need to reset this.. since I did it myself, they are charging me for switching this off for me , but the price they asked is almost the cost of the oil change, which seem like a punishment for not giving them the work.. really try to save cost.. please help.

  2. Hello buddy! Thank you for a nice video. I got Mazda 6 2015 year automatic about 3 months ago and now in very first time have to do a full service. Just quick question did you know how many litters oil i have to put in mine diesel engine 2.2 automatic??? I had before a Audi A4 2013 year and the replacement oil was exactly a 5 litres. I think in Mazda could be very same. I will check with a stick of course but i'm not too sure have to turn on engine when i check once just to check after this what is the level and if is necessary to added more oil or once i'm satisfied with a level on cold engine just to leave level like this. Thank you for your time. Regards from Ireland….

  3. Accidentally i put a bit more nay be 2-3mm over the maximum. When i start a car for 30 sec after pour a oil i check and dipstick show me just a little bit over a minimum so i decide to put a bit more around 500ml which is exactly quantity between min and max. When check after this i realize that the level now is a bit over max. I have to take out a little bit or this is not a major problem and i can drive like that??? Just to mention that my car is 2.2 litter diesel automatic and not eat any oil for last 3-4 months since i bought this car. Thank You…

  4. Would you know how to turn off the flashing DPF light on a 2010 Mazda 6 2.2 diesel? It has the push button start. I've tried the procedure shown in other vids using a piece of wire and pushing the clutch pedal 10 times, but they were all key start types, it doesn't work on mine.

  5. What do you if you cut ur car off, push button, but the red “ignition on”light pops back on and it’s not working with no fabkey? For a 2018 Mazda 6 touring

  6. For me this didn't worked. I have found solution how to remove the wrench light. Here is the procedure if anyone find the same issue I had !!! :

    In your dashboard, there is a knob that use to adjust the brightness. You press and hold it, then turn the ignition switch to ON. Wait for a couple of seconds and you should see the warning icon to flash. Release the knob once it stops flashing, then turn OFF the ignition switch.

    Cheers !

  7. To reset the oil life counter properly you need to reset via holding the trip reset button and pressing the ignition on, engine off for 5 seconds. Otherwise there might be oil dilution problems.

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