Obsługa Auta z Inspekcją Serwisową

Kasowanie Inspekcji - Kasowanie inspekcji serwisowej polega na aktualizacji oprogramowania silnika do następnej zalecanej wizyty w serwisie.

How to Reset Service and Inspection Lights for VW and Audi's

We show you how to reset the service or inspection due light on your VW or Audi with the OBDeleven. Resetting the service light on your vehicle is a requirement to keep track of the maintenance on your vehicle. If you do your own work or get your vehicle serviced at a shop that does not have access to a scan tool the OBDeleven is the most cost-effective way to perform this task. You will no longer have to pay the dealer hour labor just to reset your light.

Update – Since making this video OBDeleven has created a next-gen version that works with iPhones! you can still buy the android version if you would like. LINKS BELOW

Next-Gen – OBDeleven VW and Audi Scan Tool HERE

Older Android Style OBDeleven Pro Scan Tool
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45 thoughts on “How to Reset Service and Inspection Lights for VW and Audi's

  1. I bought a used GOLF, and changed ALL The fluids, but between intervals. do i need to wait til the service reminder shows up to "reset it"

    also: I like to do my oil every 5k, where does ODBeleven allow that switch. is that bad vs good oil?

  2. Did not work for my audi a4b6.
    Red line pops up and it says 'somthing whent wrong pleace try again.'
    And when I tried to do it again its says' working '
    And nothing more happens its stuck. Somthing that should be easy, is only irritating.

  3. I have a 2011 q7 TDI. All I have is a service due light on. I would like to be able to uo on all service issues and have the option to erase codes. I understand there's 2 models? Which would you recommend for my purposes?

  4. For the 2018 Volkswagen Passat GT you can reset both the oil life and the service reminder inspection now messages in less than one minute using the multifunction screen and steering wheel controls. With the car off hold the master trip reset button turn the color to the on position and in the multifunction display it will give you the option to clear the oil reset message. Click OK and now your service interval is reset for the oil change. For the service now message make sure the car is turned off turn the hazard lights or flashers on then hold the master tripped reset button and while holding the button turn the car to the on position and the option to reset the service now message is displayed on the multifunction display click OK and now you’re all set ready to go no need to pay anything at all for these simple reset procedures

  5. Great video and information. I'm interested in purchasing this from you guys, but I have a question. I have a 2014 Audi RS5 and need to do the rear brakes. Will this OBD11 software release the electronic parking brake?

  6. I just bought a 2014 Audi Q5…service due comes on. Now should I really get that checked out in case something is really due? Or just reset it myself and ignore? The dealer that sold it to me (not Audi) swears nothing needs to be done…just reset but says they can't do it..but Audi dealer or service can.. 🤔 I just got 92k miles. Anyone??

  7. Hi. thanks for the Tut! I have a 2013 Touareg V8 4.2. it actually has a service reset on the multimedia screen. I have OBDeleven as well. The service reset is for 10000Km, but I'm doing long life for 15k. can you share the long coding codes in order to be able to set the service reminder for 15k? Thanks!!!

  8. Do not waste your money on this. The app asking you to use credits to be able to reset fault code or do anything else and you have to pay almost $3 us dollar every time. Witch is nonsense

  9. Hi thanks for the reset service light with Obdeleven video. can you please let me know how should I prime the fuel system on my 2014 vw Passat TDI I recently I did purchase a Obdeleven, But I can not do it.thanks

  10. I noticed that the European B9 models have the option to reset the service interval in the MMI. OBD11 is a good tool, but it is ridiculous that it is necessary in order to do basic maintenance. This must have been at the request of American dealers.

  11. NONE of the videos i watched worked for me !!! – BUT this is how you do it if you have a Multifunction Steering Wheel (tons of buttons to left and right on steering wheel) On the right of your steering wheel click Left button that look like 2 overlapping windows until you reach Settings Menu. Then click Arrow Down button until you reach Service. Click OK in middle. Click Arrow Down again, click OK again. Will the Service be Reset? Click OK. – Done & Dusted !!! 👍

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