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What to do when there's Fuel in the Oil? Don't Panic!!

In this video we dismantle and diagnose massive engine failure in a 1.9 TDI PD. In the last video https://youtu.be/_dNTMqf5nYM we converted the Caddy to run on veg oil, after testing it for 500 miles, fuel leaked into the oil.
This filled our crankcase and caused problems. By examining the engine’s tandem pump and camshaft we can see how bad the damage is. While we are at it, and have worked out how to remove the valve cover, we go on and assess the condition of the intercooler, unit injectors, ERG valve and turbo.
Hopefully this video will be of use to you if you have a problem seal in the tandem pump, or need to take apart a pump duse engine to find faults.

The engine here is a VW BLS which is also very similar to engine codes: BJB,
BSV and
BXE. These appear in lots of VW, SEAT, Škoda, and Audi cars, but this one’s in our Mk3 Volkswagen Caddy.

Quick Links to dismantling and assessing certain engine parts:
00:00 Into to Fuel in Oil problem.
00:30 Draining the oil from the sump.
01:32 Removing the sump pan to asses the condition of the engine (and fix the leak!)
03.05 Checking the turbo to intercooler pipe.
03:53 How and why check the tandem pump?
05:08 Full Tandem Pump teardown / dismantle.
07:37 Camshaft inspection and assessment (including cover removal)
11:32 Removing the Unit injectors without special tools
13:16 A close look at the Unit Injector
13:56 Examine the turbo for possible damage
14:28 The sooted up ERG valve
14:40 The diesel lift pump folly
15:20 Examining a second hand engine for replacement.

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The video about changing the camshaft I mention can be found here: https://youtu.be/V3XNNGpdu7w

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30 thoughts on “What to do when there's Fuel in the Oil? Don't Panic!!

  1. Great video worth the wait(suspence)Your EGR valve is quite clean.My 1.9Tdi was smoking and lumpy on cold start then running well after 45 seconds/I last cleaned EGR when car was purchased nearly 3 years ago but happend to check it last week as on holiday and it was 85% blocked again so cleaned and car goes like a rocket again.You are not saying veg oil caused the failure but the fuel lift pump on the diesel circuit which is interesting.Can you list the pressure of the pump you eventually fit I suppose if you can find the pressure of the stock VAG in tank lift pump you should match it.There is also a modification people do to PD engines running veg they modify the in tank lift pump with a by pass hose https://youtu.be/I_iB_VPatac so any excess fuel just stays in the tank they generally use this to improve the fuel feed on non Tdi engines like mine with a dedicated fuel injection pump(non PD engines)Last year when I was researching converting PD enines I did speak to a chap via eBay who said he has successfully converted several PD engines using a similar method.The lift pump situation on PD engines has been my stumbling block (switching and type of pump to use )hence the interest in yours channel.Keep it up.If you seen my channel I use a loop system on the feed to my Bosch pump(non PD)so the pump has less work to do as it is not constantly drawing fuel from the tank then sending unused fuel back again.I think If you get time to watch this 2toc video at 3mins 50 seconds he point out a loop system and I believe its on car with lift pumps? https://youtu.be/fdH6T7jHnYk
    Does he use a lift pump with a pressure relief valve?do such things exist?I have seen lift pumps on ebay that are veg oil tolerent.Good Luck Great Channel.Once you find a cheap source (or free)you could look at running your heating syatem at home with a veg oil burner?Start on heating fuel then once warm switch to veg thats heated from the hot water via a heated fuel filter or just a heat exchanger.?Heating oil is about 50p per litre?

  2. I think that it is HIGHLY IRRESPONSIBLE to encourage people to unbolt their engines at random and start poking bits of cloth in the holes. You are just asking for something to set on fire. What if you put the wheels back on the wrong way? VERY DANGEROUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. LOL but as I watched this I couldn't help but yell at the video NO, NO, STOP that is not it……I will add that if you have the Bentley Manual for your vehicle it will walk you step by step for any possible teardown or procedure. You will need the crank lock tool to do cam/TB work….tip do the timing belts slightly early and change the temp sensor and thermostat while coolant is out of the car and also replace the water pump and all of the rollers and one-time use bolts. Pity really that you live in the UK and with covid travel is difficult or I would be delighted to come help you work on your VW…I bet I have done 20 cam/lifter replacements in my day and it is very simple and the total kit here in the us is less than $500

  4. Hugely rewarding to both locate the mechanism that failed (tandem pump seal) and recognise why it failed, (over enthusiastic lift pump). Pity you then found a worn cam – though I presume the engine had been running OK prior to the tandem event. With it all in bits the temptation to replace the engine must have been strong though you might have gained a few years use if you had "just" fitted the tandem pump seal kit and put the old engone back together…

  5. FYI veg oil dries out / makes rubber stiff. So if that seal that blew was in contact with veg oil and is made of rubber then that will probably be why, they get hard and stop flexing so cant do their job of sealing anymore, or at least it could be a contributing factor along with your lift pump setup.

  6. Does look worse than my wood stove 😆🤣👌 I admire your confidence and abilities and especially improvisation to the job at hand and inquisitive mind…. found this whole video extremely educational & well made and superb in detail, well done 👏 and happy motoring 👍

  7. Seen a few of your videos since i got my caddy, my understanding is that you are not a trained professional in this type of trade, for that sir i take my hat off in front of you, i am a level 3 mechanic and still learning things as i do my job, you have been able to fault find and identify major issues with no training, that is impressive, as for the internet mechanics telling you what is good and what is not, most have to try taking a rocker cover off then come on here and share opinions on how it should be done, kind regards🙂

  8. Hello, I own a Kia Cerato 1.6 crdi 136 HP vehicle. My car is at 86,000 km. Diesel is mixed with the engine oil, the oil level is constantly rising. There is no problem in the operation of my vehicle, the idle is normal, there is no noticeable black or white smoke from the exhaust. It works immediately with a single start in the morning, there is no problem. The technician said it could be the DPF and he removed the DPF and cleaned it in the machine. The DPF was around 40% full, but it was still cleaned. But that was not the solution either. Engine oil level continues to rise in my vehicle. I think there is no problem with diesel injectors because there is no indication of injector failure. The vehicle engine has a timing chain. Could it be from the high pressure diesel pump seal? Or what could be the problem? Could you help? Have you ever heard of such a common problem for vehicles of this segment? Urgent. Thanks in advance

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