Obsługa Auta z Inspekcją Serwisową

Kasowanie Inspekcji - Kasowanie inspekcji serwisowej polega na aktualizacji oprogramowania silnika do następnej zalecanej wizyty w serwisie.

Volkswagen Golf MK7 reset inspection & oil service reminders

How to reset service reminders (oil and general inspection) in Volkswagen Golf MK7 without diagnostic tools like VCDS. This procedure will reset both oil and inspection to default values (distance and time) after you perform necessary maintenance around your car.

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46 thoughts on “Volkswagen Golf MK7 reset inspection & oil service reminders

  1. Is it possible to reset only inspection without oil change? I have inspection warning, but I did maitance couple month ago, VW dealer said it some issue because change year or something like that and offer to come to reset it, but for me it is waste of time. I want to keep my oil change, but only to reset inspection, possible to do that? I didn't get that from your video. Thanks a lot for reply.

  2. Lol man every time i forget the button is actually 2 left and right i always pressed entire button of 0.0 and it sends me to time not those warnings too jokes finally learned its left for getting rid of that crap and time if u hold the whole 0.0 button😂😂😂

  3. Thanks worked like a charm, 1 question… would VW have an issue if your car came in sooner than expected or later for yearly inspection/ service because the car is not showing the same reading as the dealership records

  4. Great video, but found that we had to have the vehicle status message showing when due on centre display before attempting to find the reset oil message in the instrument cluster.

  5. Thank you so much for mentioning the hazard lights if this process doesn’t work. The service worked perfectly, but I did need to use the hazard lights to reset the inspection on my 2016 Caddy.

  6. Successfully reset the inspection; however, it says 730 days.
    I live in Texas and the inspection and registration are tied together into one sticker. Therefore, they each need to be done annually.
    How do I change the service interval for the inspection?

  7. Got a mk 7 service interval saying I got 9800 miles to next service but car vehicle status saying service now anyone help tried the 0.0 method reset service but still got 9800miles to service still coming up every time I start the car

  8. I only needed to reset inspection so just wait a second and then it skips oil reset and goes to reset inspection and then press ok 👍 thanks for video. I also forgot how to do it 😄

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