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Reset DPF light on Mazda 5

2 minute solution to flashing DPF light. This light which should warn that filter needs changing also acts as a service indicator light but those clever boffins at Mazda don’t want you to know that. If you see light and mileage is xx000 by resetting DPF light why not service your Mazda for less at your local garage or diy?

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27 thoughts on “Reset DPF light on Mazda 5

  1. Hi Alan many thanks for this video. Worked a treat! Just worth mentioning to others trying these, you need to pump the accelerter rapidly after the 6th 7th pump the glow plug symbol light comes up, after the 10th pump turn the ignition off and on again and bingo. Many thanks!

  2. Thank for the sharing realy interesting ,On my mazda 5, i don't have thos black connector on the top , I Don't know why , Do you know another way to reset DFP ? Thank you so much for your explanations.

  3. Pour enlever le voyant dpf clignotant sur ma Mazda 5 diesel.
    1 Brancher un fil electrique au connecteur coté fils vert.
    2 brancher l'autre extrémité au – de la batterie.
    3 mettre le contact sans démarrer
    4 appuyer 5 fois fort sur l' accélérateur.
    5 dans mon cas le voyant de la bobine d allumage c'est mis a clignoter.
    6 couper le contact
    7 débrancher le fil electrique.

  4. Thanks for the info..i just bought a 2nd hand mazda 5 with 195k km in it…i will definitely try this because dpf cleaning costs from 250euros and if i try to change it the cost is more than the value of my car… So my question is after you’ve done this will still flash again or not anymore? Thank you in advance

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